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PM’s Perspectives

Our latest market commentaries and market outlooks from the Value + Alpha Management Team

12 June 2020

PM’s Monthly Perspectives

15 May 2020

Blog: Should we buy general trading stocks now?

21 April 2020

Blog: Economic and stock market trends during the Spanish flu epidemic

11 March 2020

Blog: Companies are becoming more dependent on capital gains

10 March 2020

PM’s Monthly Perspectives

18 February 2020

Blog: Leading indicators are the key for equity investment

12 February 2020

PM’s Monthly Perspectives

23 January 2020

Blog: From an era of labour shortages to an era of consumer shortages

15 January 2020

PM’s Monthly Perspectives

11 December 2019

PM’s Monthly Perspectives

10 December 2019

Blog: Textbook on Shareholder Returns

15 November 2019

Blog: Consensus gap is the key to invest in General Trading